Hacking a 128GB iPhone upgrade for $60

9 February 2016, 10:12

How would you like to upgrade your 16GB iPhone 6 (or earlier) to 128GB for only $60? Well, if you live near Shenzen, China then you’re in luck.

Just watch the video below. As the presenter explains, the process is very simple and can be carried out within half an hour by an experienced engineer. First the old memory chip is removed from the disassembled iPhone using a heat gun, because it’s actually glued in place. It’s then cloned completely to the swap-in 128GB chip, so the all-important serial number data is copied across. The new 128GB chip is then glued in place within the phone and iOS reinstalled.

This is possible because, aside from their memory chips, all iPhones have identical features within the same product line. That said, you’re going to want to wait until your iPhone is out of warranty before doing this. However, I strongly suspect that we might start seeing memory upgrade kits being sold on eBay, if they aren’t already.

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