Grab the Microsoft Office 2016 install files quickly and easily

12 February 2016, 03:00

Hats off to the folks behind the website, who’ve collated all the official download links for Microsoft’s Office 2016 product. These are the full, official install files direct from Microsoft’s content distribution network, and as such you’ll need to enter your Office 365 subscription login to use them once installed.

You’ll also find links for older versions of the office suite, which can be useful should Microsoft release an update that’s buggy (it happens).

Those who have an Office 365 subscription will already know of the annoyance at tracking down these installation files when it comes to reinstall the office suite. The official route prescribed by Microsoft is to login to the Office 365 website, then navigate through several web pages until you find what you need. With the above link there’s no need to do this. also provides download links to volume licensed Office 2016 products, used in corporations, although these require the user login at the Microsoft website before download can take place. Blogger Clayton Burlison provides more information about how these files can be used.