Get your iPhone's IMEI easily

5 February 2015, 06:06

I’m not sure if I included this tip in my book, but just now I had to provide details of my new iPhone’s IMEI for insurance purposes. Usually you’re instructed to tap in a sequence on the numeric keypad, which will work with ALL phones since the last century, but there’s an easier way in the world of Apple.

Just connect your iPhone via USB (or don’t bother if you use Wi-Fi syncing), and open iTunes. After selecting your iPhone in the list of devices at the top left, click the Phone Number field a few times. The IMEI will appear. Right-click to have a Copy option appear, then paste the details into the insurance website or PDF form.

For what it’s worth, lots more info is also available by clicking the Serial Number field beneath too, and the same trick works with iPads.

It’s little things like this that make using Apple products such a joy. Can you really imagine Microsoft taking the time and effort to implement something similar? And as for those Linux people – well, they positively enjoy tapping in obscure keycodes on their phones to find out information! Who needs iTunes?!

Know better?