Get your Apple II iPhone 6S – but you better be quick

9 November 2015, 02:00

A handful of companies take iPhone models and redress them, usually in some kind of hideous bling. Rap stars love them.

Colorware has taken the iPhone 6S model and given it an Apple II look, naming it the Retro 6S:

The glossy, rainbow Apple logo, the matte vanilla-colored exterior and faux vents harken back to the 1980s. The contrast of the sleek 21st century technology coupled with the old school look is a thrilling contradiction.


Two factors might stand in your way. First, these little babies are priced upwards from $1599 for the 16GB model. For a Retro 6S Plus 128GB you’ll need to hand over nearly $2K. Secondly, Colorware has only made 25. Get your order in quick. I’ve already ordered five (not really).

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