Get some heartbeat buddies

25 October 2015, 05:55

So, this one is kind of strange.

Let’s say you buy an Apple Watch. Good for you. But as you play with the thing in your lonely, cold apartment, you realise none of your real-life friends have one. Least of all your significant other. So you can’t do the cool stuff like sending your heartbeat to somebody else, or sending romantic drawings to them. Or randomly tapping their wrist – just like lovers have done for centuries.

What do you do? You join the Lonely Heartbeats group on Reddit and hook-up with strangers… So that you can send them your heartbeat. And receive theirs back. Hey, nobody likes a selfish partner.

Is it just me or is this… Creepy? Kind of like sitting in a chair after somebody’s got up and it’s still warm?

On the other hand, I’m totally in awe that the technology exists so that somebody can be willing to hook-up with a complete stranger on the other side of the world in order to share their heartbeat. That’s pure Philip K Dick.

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