Sneakily get free Wi-Fi worldwide – free app (usually $4.99)

24 March 2016, 04:30

WiFi Map Pro usually costs $4.99 but for the moment it’s reduced to $0, and it should be considered a mandatory install for anybody who ever leaves their house and wants free Wi-Fi. As always, we have no idea how long it’ll stay free, so grab it now rather than later.

Put simply, the app is an international database of over 2,000,000 Wi-Fi locations and, if required, the accompanying passwords. Ever gone to a cafe where they have Wi-Fi but you have to request the password? There’s a good chance that WiFi Map Pro will already know of that password, because somebody will have added it to the database.

In fact, within a mile or so of me I learned of many Wi-Fi passwords for shops and eating establishments. There were a few passwords for people’s homes too. Whoops! I don’t think the individuals concerned meant to add them but, hey, if I’m desperate to get a data connection…!

If the app has one caveat it’s that you need to be online to access the database in the first place, creating a Catch 22 situation. However, if there’s a good cellular signal and you don’t mind using a little of your mobile data allowance then this obviously isn’t an issue. You can hop onto the nearby Wi-Fi quickly afterwards. You can also scope out a location in advance by dragging the map and tapping any pins that appear.

UPDATE: The developer mentions in the comments below that you can search for the city ahead of time and it will store the database locally for you (via cache) so you can use it offline.

The app is very simple to use. It knows where you are, thanks to geolocation positioning, and shows a list of nearby Wi-Fi base stations – both free, and password protected. If there’s a password you can tap the entry in the list to learn what it is, and then tap and hold the password to copy it – ready for pasting into the correct field in the Wi-Fi part of the Settings app when you attempt to join that network.

If you join a public network protected by a password, and it’s not already in the database, just tap the Add button to be a good member of the community and add it. However, DON’T tap the button in your own home – unless you want people to leech your Wi-Fi!

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Does this app also records and sends my WiFi password on the cloud?

— Jack · Mar 24, 07:59 AM · #

@Jack, no that would be impossible because there’s no mechanism for an app to access that data.

Keir · Mar 24, 01:17 PM · #

@jack The app will stay free for another 12 hours. Also, it works offline. You’ve probably missed that. Simply search for the city ahead of time and it will store the database locally for you (via cache) so you can use it offline. Thanks for the artcle. Den

Den Ski · Mar 25, 09:24 AM · #