Get an invisible iPhone case

12 February 2016, 08:00

I love the shape, size and weight of my iPhone 6S. However, I’m no idiot and know that I need a case to protect it from accidental damage if dropped, or just scuffs in my pocket. Yet nearly every single case out there is either ugly, or large, or heavy, or just wrong. I don’t want a case to hide my iPhone’s design beauty.

Well, I’ve found a solution: the Peel iPhone 6/6S/Plus case.

This premium case comes with some features that leave all other cases standing in the dust:

  • Doesn’t add bulk or weight to your phone
  • Free of any branding
  • Ultra thin at just 0.35mm thick – that’s less than half a millimetre! It’s like somebody’s sprayed the case onto the iPhone!
  • Protects your protruding camera lens with a subtle lip
  • Comes in matching Space Grey or Gold colours

Sure, the Peel case is a bit more expensive than knock-off cases you might find on eBay but you also won’t find a case that’s as invisible in everyday use. It’s the case Apple should supply with all iPhones.

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