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2 March 2016, 08:23

Update: Sadly, this offer has now ended. However, you might want to checkout our other posts:

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If you’re like me you’ve probably only ever painted a wall, and done a bad job even then, but some people create fantastic artworks on their computers. And if you fancy a try then I thoroughly recommend My PaintBrush Pro, which is currently free for a limited time at the Mac App Store. Normally it costs $5.99.

Some screenshots are below but here’s a list of its not-inconsiderable range of features:

— More than 100 types of High-quality Natural Brushes:
• Brush: 25 types
• Pencil : 6 types
• Pen : 16 types
• Airbrush : 11 types
• Decoration : 25 types
• Blur : 19 types
• eraser: 4 types

— Adjustable Parameter of Brushes
• Transparency
• Pressure-sensitive
• Radius
• Hardness

— Build up and manage multiple layers:
• Merge or combine layers.

• Set the alpha value of individual layer.

• Customize the layer to be visible or not.

• Freely Change the order of layers.

• Delete unwanted layers.

— Operations on each layer

• Customized times undo/redo.

• Flip horizontally and vertically.

• Move selected zone. 

— Familiar preset tools

• Erasers, Fill tools, Colorpicker, Zoom In.

• Straight lines, Curves, Rectangles, Rounded-rectangles, Ellipses.

• Text: customize font, size, color of text. 

• Palette: set the foreground and background color for tools.

— Export to:


MPB (contains layers information)

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