Fixing Yosemite lags

20 January 2015, 04:19

There’s been quite a bit of noise recently in the blogsphere about the poor quality of recent Apple operating system upgrades. Yosemite is a real achievement with some amazing features but it’s very buggy. For me the biggest issue is increasing slowdowns as the hours roll-by. The interface gets increasingly laggy, and even the text cursor starts to slowdown so I end-up typing sentences ahead while it catches up. I don’t think this is a memory leak issue and nor can I see any processes chewing up CPU resources. It’s something else deeper in the OS.

I’m used to leaving OS X running on my MacBook Pro for months on end without rebooting, so this is a real annoyance. Now I have to reboot once or twice a day. Apparently even Apple Geniuses at Apple Stores are recommending this approach, which is blatantly crazy.

I’ve tried various solutions and I thought I’d start to compile a list of them here.

Here’s one I just tried, that I found linked to at the excellent Stackexchange site. Give it a try, even if your Mac isn’t Retina. If I find more I’ll add them in here.

Like the other bloggers, I really hope this isn’t symptomatic of Apple nowadays, and I really hope the up-coming point fix for Yosemite will repair the damage (although to be honest, I suspect it won’t).

Know better?