Temporary fix for the iOS 9.3 crashing Safari issue

28 March 2016, 06:20

As you can see from the online support conversation above, Apple is promising a forthcoming new version of 9.3 for those suffering from the handful (cough) of bugs in the latest iOS update. Fixes will include one for the issue of Safari crashing when certain links are tapped.

The solution they prescribe until then is to turn off JavaScript support. This will severely impact the usability of certain websites, and even their appearance. But then again, Safari won’t crash.

The steps to turn off JavaScript support are pretty simple – but don’t forget to do them in reverse when you eventually update:

  1. Open the Settings app, then tap the Safari heading.
  2. Tap the Advanced heading, and tap the JavaScript switch.

As always, here on Mac Kung Fu we’ll endeavor to tell you ASAP when the new release becomes available.

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