Expert tip: Make very clever use of Safari's URL completion

7 March 2016, 03:22

Safari is a feature-packed browser with many shortcuts. Try the following trick on the Mac version (sadly it doesn’t work on iOS).

Safari can automagically fill-in the .com and http:// part of addresses when you type them. In other words, if you just can’t get out of the habit of manually typing URLs each time (I can’t) you can type things like the following to very quickly jump straight to a particular page or section of a website (you need to type the first word, then the slash, and then the second word):

  • apple/music
  • twitter/mackungfutips (or any other Twitter handle)
  • facebook/mark.zuckerberg (or any other FB handle, or Page/Group name)
  • google/news
  • google/docs
  • reddit/r/apple
  • bbc/news
  • bbc/weather
  • amazon/jkrowling
  • theverge/apple

Can you think of any other useful examples? Share them in the comments below.

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