Every possible way to watch Monday's Apple event

17 March 2016, 04:17

The forthcoming event on Monday, 21 March 2016 is eagerly anticipated and we can expect to see new phones, iPads and Macs. It’s also probably the last presentation from Apple’s old Infinite Loop HQ, which might explain the event’s title.

But if you don’t happen to be in Cupertino on that day, you can tune in at 10am PDT/5pm GMT in various other ways, as outlined below. (Note for UK Apple fans: Cupertino is currently seven hours behind GMT, rather than the usual eight, because of the US’ slightly earlier switch to daylight saving compared to the UK.)

Online via a browser
Perhaps the simplest and easiest way to watch the presentation is to tune in via your browser on a Mac, iPhone or iPad. For the first time, Microsoft Windows 10 users should also be able tune-in via the Microsoft Edge browser.

I haven’t tested it but some say you can also tune-into the live event using the Chrome browser on Windows, after having installed VLC, which installs its own web plugin. Visiting the live event page should then start the event playing in Chrome.

EDIT: Here are the instructions if you’re using the standalone VLC app within any OS: Wait until right before the event. Apple will put their video player up on their live event page. Open the page source (or perhaps this chunk of web code) and look for a URL that ends with .m3u8 (use Cmd+F/Ctrl+F to search). Copy the whole URL you find. Open the standalone VLC app and select “Open Network”. Paste URL.

Apple TV
On the new Apple TV you can download the Apple Events app and tune in to the up-coming event, and watch older ones too. On previous model Apple TVs you can open the Apple Events channel.

iTunes (after the event)
Apple converts all its events into free videos accessible through iTunes for playback on PC, Mac, iOS devices, and the Apple TV. Note that it usually takes a day for the video to be uploaded by Apple.

YouTube (after the event)
Apple puts all its events on YouTube although, again, it usually takes a day or two for the video to be uploaded. You may well find that other YouTubers somewhat illegally upload a copy of the event sooner.

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