Did somebody try to sell this Apple Watch prototype on eBay?

3 March 2016, 14:20

We’re not sure if this is a hoax but a Redditor claims to have photographs from a banned eBay auction in which somebody tried to sell an Apple Watch prototype.

The actual Watch component looks very similar to the production version, although perhaps not quite as refined. The strap has clearly not yet been developed. Additionally, it appears the Watch relies on a base unit for its power supply and computing power (and let’s be glad that Apple got rid of THAT aspect before launch…) Alternatively, the base unit might simply have been used for telemetry/diagnostics.

Interestingly, the Watch appears to connect to the base unit via the mysterious diagnostic port hidden beneath one of the strap connectors on current Apple Watches.

Take a look at the photos below and make your own mind up. If we get any more details we’ll update this story. One commentator at Reddit has already suggested the unit is not a prototype but an in-store model designed to be connected to a display for point of sale promotions.

Update: According to comments below from Apple employees it is indeed a store demo model.

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As an Apple employee, I can safely say that this is a stolen demo pod from an Apple Store. The watch is completely useless and cannot be reconfigured or changed at all.

J · Mar 3, 04:10 PM · #

Yeah, definitely a stolen demo unit from Apple Store or another authorized retailer, not a prototype.

— # · Mar 3, 05:15 PM · #

OK, thanks for the clarification. I’ve updated the piece.

Keir · Mar 4, 12:00 AM · #


just in case, if anybody has something like this to sell – contact me! :D
tatra96 (at) yahoo.de

— Max · Mar 11, 11:29 PM · #

I purchased one and it has its original paper work. I wouldn’t think Apple would be selling these but there is also a shipping label and I it claims it is addressed to an Apple Store 🤔

Apple Demo · May 18, 07:50 AM · #