Dial phone numbers on your Apple Watch

6 October 2015, 02:22

God knows why this isn’t built into the Apple Watch but the simple yet clever Watch Keypad app puts a numeric dialler on the screen of the Apple Watch so you can tap in and subsequently dial phone numbers, or send texts. It’s $0.99, or 79p for Brits.

And it was created by two 14 year-old geniuses as part of the WWDC sponsorship scheme. Go kids!

To use the app just type the number then force press the screen to call or text.

Alas the app merely utilises the built-in phone and messages apps so doesn’t let you enter DTMF tones – another annoying omission on the Apple Watch when making calls. However you can add pound (hash for UK readers), star snd plus to the end of the number you want to dial – just force touch and select Switch Symbols. Therefore you can navigate at least the early part of an automated call.

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