Mac Kung Fu LinkList: Weds 21st October 2015

21 October 2015, 09:00

Researchers at antivirus provider Malwarebytes spotted a Web-based campaign that attempts to trick OS X and iOS users into thinking there’s something wrong with their devices. The ruse starts with a pop-up window that’s designed to look like an official OS notification. “Critical Security Warning!” it says. “Your Device (iPad, iPod, iPhone) is infected with a malicious adward [sic] attack.” It goes on to provide a phone number people can call to receive tech support.

Support scams that plagued Windows users for years target Mac [Security]

200+ videos to teach absolute beginners the basics of Swift Programming and iOS development. The Foundations course is free. Think about it as the gateway to bitfountain courses. Begin here or skip right to the career track if you already know the basics.

Free iOS development training [Education]

Following the discovery — and subsequent fix — of yet another critical Adobe Flash vulnerability last week, Apple activated its Web plug-in blocking capability for OS X Safari to protect Mac users from what Adobe describes as “limited, targeted attacks.”

Apple blocks old, unsafe Adobe Flash plug-in versions in OS X Safari [Security]

Apple cannot unlock an iPhone for government investigators “in most cases now and in the future,” lawyers for the company said in a brief submitted to a U.S. District Court, while acknowledging it had some access to the phone at the heart of a Justice Department case.

Unlocking an iPhone for investigators impossible in ‘in most cases,’ Apple tells court [Security]

I’ve been banned from wearing the watch at work, which puts me at risk of missing out on some sweet vinyl pre-orders, so this Frankenstein disaster will keep it hidden on my upper arm, past my rolled-up sleeves.

Wearing the Apple Watch further up your arm [Tip]

With El Capitan, you can now set your Mac so it will begin accepting dictation upon a spoken command. Here’s how.

How to start Dictation with a spoken word in OS X El Capitan [Tip]

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