Mac Kung Fu LinkList: Tuesday 20th October 2015

20 October 2015, 09:00

The new Apple TV includes several choices of screensaver, including Aerial, an exclusive set of slow-moving HD video of various landmarks and places in the world. What’s most interesting is that the displayed video actually changes over time, as the Apple TV downloads new videos periodically from an online location.

Watch All The Apple TV Aerial Video Screensavers [Fun]

I was beginning to fear the utilities were suffering from neglect, but, thankfully, I’ve been proven wrong. The Pages upgrade is especially sweet (of course, it is the iWork app I use the most).

Apple’s Pages upgrade for Mac OS X is even better than I had hoped [Review]

Those running OS X on a Mac can also use Internet Explorer 11 through a great free service called ModernIE from Microsoft. Being able to run Internet Explorer 11 directly on the Mac without having to access a Windows machine or boot a VM is incredibly useful for web developers and web designers in particular, but some Mac users may find it necessary to use IE 11 in order to access a particular web service or website as well.

How to Use Internet Explorer 11 in Mac OS X the Easy Way [Tip]

While the San Francisco font is considerably better as a display font than Helvetica Neue, it’s still not quite as readable for some Mac users and on some non-retina displays as Lucida Grande. Fortunately, with a little effort you can change the default system font on a Mac with OS X El Capitan to Lucida Grande again, and return to the classic user interface font.

How to Change the Default System Font in OS X El Capitan to Lucida Grande [Tip]

AgileBits, developers of 1Password, have announced that they will soon switch the data format it uses to store your 1Password data. This announcement follows concerns being raised over the security of the company’s current format, AgileKeychain. Currently, AgileKeychain does not encrypt URLs within the keychain, though other data, such as passwords, remain encrypted.

1Password moving completely to more secure format for synced data [Security]

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