Create jewel cases for home-made CDs

13 February 2013, 01:00

You might already know that you can burn audio and MP3 CDs from your iTunes music collection. First create a new playlist — select the tracks, right-click them and select Create Playlist From Selection. Then select the new Playlist, right-click it, and select the Burn option.

But did you know that iTunes can print-off a high quality jewel case for your CD? Again, select the Playlist, and click File -> Print on the main menu. In the dialog box that appears, select whatever style you want from the Theme dropdown list. The “single cover” option produces something akin to a commercial CD’s jewel case, using the album art from the music files.

See below for a jewel case made for a playlist containing tracks from the Penguin Cafe Orchestra. Notice the trim lines at the corners that help you cut the jewel case accurately to size.

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