Create folders within folders in iOS9

22 October 2015, 05:00

Since the beginning of time mankind has desired to create a folder within a folder on his iPad or iPhone. And Apple has said… No! You may NOT do this!

But it’s nearly always been possible, although only via bugs or glitches in iOS.

Here’s the latest glitch that works in iOS 9.0.2 (via TechAbout).

  1. Go into the Settings app, then tap General > Accessibility. Tap the switch alongside Reduce Motion so it’s activated.
  2. Drag a folder into the Dock at the bottom of the screen – that is, drag the folder you want to contain the second folder.
  3. Switch to the launcher screen containing the folder you want to insert into this other folder.
  4. Tap and hold the main folderr in the Dock, so that you enter editing/wobble mode.
  5. Tap this folder repeatedly, in the same spot of the screen, so that it opens and closes over and over again. Try to get into a rhythm. Open – Close – Open – Close – Open – Close…
  6. Locate the second folder you want to put inside the first and, in the midst of your tapping repeatedly as described in the last step, tap it once with your other hand. If you do it right it’ll be inserted within the existing folder. If it doesn’t happen, keep trying.
  7. Click the Home button.
  8. Follow Step 1 above and this time turn Reduce Motion off.

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