Create animated GIFs for free – for a limited time!

26 February 2016, 07:30

Terrific news comes our way from developers Hello, Resolven, who’ve not only released version 3 of their excellent GIF Brewery app for Mac OS X, but also made it entirely free of charge for a limited period. As always it’s available via the Mac App Store.

GIF Brewery lets you create animated GIFs from existing movie files, from the camera built into your Mac, from an attached iOS device, or by creating screen recordings. For creating tutorials or error reports for sharing it’s unbeatable, and its feature list is impressive:

  • Convert clips from your videos into GIFs.
  • Can record your screen, web cam, or iOS 8+ devices and opens them ready to be converted to a GIF.
  • Resize and crop the video for your GIF.
  • Add multiple captions or overlay images to the GIF.
  • Create GIFs with your desired FPS or manually set the frame count and frame delay.
  • Apply image filters like Color Correction or famous photo filters like Transfer and Noir.
  • Save settings for later edits.
  • Supports Mac OS X 10.11+.

In short, it’s pretty much everything you need to get involved in the world of GIFs. Head over there now and download it!

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