Convert MKV to MP4 quickly and ultra-easily

16 April 2016, 01:31

Depending on from where you source your TV and movie files, you might’ve noticed that they’ve all switched to MKV in recent weeks, and away from the more commonly accepted (and Apple-compatible) MP4.

But what if you want to play these files on your Apple TV, or even just your Mac? You can use VLC on your Mac or iOS device, but it’s a little limiting.

A quick and easy solution is provided by the free Smart Converter app, which will convert the file to MP4 for native playback just about anywhere. Just drop the MKV file onto its interface and then click the More icon and select Apple TV 4. This will ensure that the resolution of the item is maintained. Then click Convert. The process should take seconds, and you’ll be shown the outputted MP4 file which will have been added to iTunes automatically (move or delete the file from that location if you don’t want it in iTunes).

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Very informative! Thanks for showing clearly how to convert videos. I used to do that with Acethinker Video Converter, free and works perfect. It’s a free online App, compatible with both Windows and Mac. Share it here as an alternative method.

— Keenyldiee · Jun 16, 12:51 AM · #