Cleaning up iCloud storage and removing cruddy old apps

4 November 2015, 00:39

If you’ve ever had a warning about running out of iCloud storage space then you can do a lot worse than take a look at EXACTLY what’s stored there.

You’ll likely find apps listed that you’ve never even heard of — stuff you installed once, didn’t like, removed, and then forgot about. But the app’s data is still there in iCloud!

Cleaning iCloud storage on a Mac
On a Mac cleaning can be done by opening System Preferences, clicking the iCloud icon, and then clicking the Manage button at the bottom right.

Scroll down the list on the left, select anything you don’t want or don’t recognise, and click the Delete Documents and Data button.

Cleaning iCloud storage on an iPhone/iPad
Open the System app, tap iCloud in the list at the left, then tap the Storage link on the right. Then tap Manage Storage, and Show All at the bottom of the Documents & Data listing.

To remove an app, tap it and then tap Edit at the top right. Then tap the Delete icon (the “No Entry” icon).

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