Can't install Safari extensions? Here's the fix

24 February 2016, 06:30

Some people are reporting they can’t install Safari browser extensions on their Mac. Installation via clicking a download/install link might appear to work, but the extension just doesn’t appear in the list that you see when viewing the Preferences dialog box.

It turns out there’s a bug with the Trust dialog box that you have to click to allow extensions to install. The solution is, strange as it might sound, to not use the mouse or trackpad to deal with it. Instead you need to use the keyboard to “click” the Trust button.

  1. Start by opening System Preferences, and clicking the Keyboard icon. Then click the Shortcuts tab, and click the All Controls radio button at the bottom. Close System Preferences.
  2. Use Safari to navigate to the extension you want to install, and click to install/download it. When the dialog box appears asking if you want to trust the extension, DON’T use the mouse cursor to click!
  3. Instead, use the tab key on your keyboard to highlight the Trust button. Once it’s highlighted, press the Spacebar to select it. The extension should now be installed correctly.
  4. Repeat Step 1 above to turn off keyboard access to all controls, if you wish, although it’s a useful feature to have around.

[Via Agile Bits]

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thanks so much.
this was driving me nuts
and your solution worked!

— bp · Nov 11, 08:23 AM · #


I am not even getting to the trust box. It just won’t load. and says it can’t install.

any ideas? can send screenshot on your reply.

— Leopold Dilg · Nov 18, 03:25 PM · #