Brits: Get a £20 iTunes card for just £12!

1 April 2016, 00:42

Zeek is a website that lets you buy and sell gift vouchers. By combining offers, as described below, you can currently get a £20 iTunes eCard for £12 – very nearly half price. An eCard is basically just like the real gift card you find in shops but you redeem it online (or within iTunes on your computer or iOS device) and the money’s added to your iTunes account balance.

Here’s how to get the discount:

  1. Click here to apply the first code we’re going to use, then click the Get Zeek button.
  2. Click the iTunes entry in the list at the website and then look for one of the offers in the list where you get a £20 gift card with a 15% discount, bringing it down initially to £17.
  3. Click the link to create an account using your email address, and verify your identity. This involves them texting you a number to confirm your details.
  4. When you get to the purchase stage you might find the eCard is reduced just to £17, but the emailed purchase receipt after you buy will show the additional £5 discount bringing the total cost down to £12 – see the example below.

Note that this only works in the UK, and not for US users, or those elsewhere in the world.

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