British Apple Store ejects customers due to alleged "global incident"

6 April 2016, 07:23

UPDATE #2: It’s open again, today (7th April 2016).

UPDATE: We hear from a reliable source that the store closed today due to unspecified “maintenance issues”. Presumably these will be fixed overnight and if we hear anything more we’ll update again.


The BBC, amongst other sources, is reporting that the Apple Store in Plymouth, UK has ejected all its customers and closed its doors due to what staff allegedly describe as a “global incident”. Few details are available right now. We’ve reached out to Apple UK for comment and will update as soon as we learn anything.

Local newspaper The Plymouth Herald broke the story after speaking to a customer:

The Herald received a tip-off on Facebook from a frustrated customer who said: “Something occurring in the Apple shop, just gone in to get a new screen, and they said due to a global incident they cannot trade!!!!!”

Even something as major as a checkout systems breakdown shouldn’t necessitate ejecting customers, who could simply be told by staff to place their orders online. This is very curious indeed.

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