Book Uber cars from your Mac's menu bar

12 April 2016, 11:58

Fastlane is a simple but effective Mac menu bar app that lets you book Uber cars without the need to pull out your iPhone. Once you’ve logged in, you can switch between booking the various classes of cars (i.e. UberX, UberExec and so on), and must input your start and end destinations. You’ll then be told how long you’ll probably have to wait plus the likely cost and, if you’re happy, you can click the Request button to start the process of a car rolling towards your locality.

The app is new and still in beta, so is missing some of the features you might be used to in the mobile app. For example, there’s no map view showing where nearby cars are. Additionally, it’s not currently possible to login via Facebook. However, the app’s growing and can only get better. Above all, it works pretty well.

Notably, once you drag Fastlane to your Applications list in Finder, you’ll need to right-click it and select Open. This only needs to be done once, however. Developers might like to know that the source code for the app is available.

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“I wanted to build and I realized when I sat at the computer and did not know where my cell phone was to be able to book an Uber”

Or you know use

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