Black Friday security special: VPN and region unblockers, 15% extra off already unbelievable deals

26 November 2015, 07:30

We’ve featured VPN and region-blocking offers in the past here on Mac Kung Fu, and they’ve been incredibly popular amongst our readership. This is undoubtedly because of the value – you can get lifetime subscriptions (lasting until the day you die!) for what it ordinarily costs for a few months’ subscription fees.

Well, today and Black Friday we have an even better deal: use the code VPN15 at the checkout (click “Have A Promo Code?”) and you’ll get an EXTRA 15% off.

This is simply unbelievable value.

Here are the options:

PureVPN Lifetime Subscription: 88% discount at $69
($58.65 with VPN15 code)

Make sure your personal data and Internet activity are never exposed with the extremely reliable VPN trusted by over a million users. Whether you’re looking to beat geo-restrictions to binge-watch your favorite show anywhere in the world, or you need to send personal banking information over a safe connection, access to PureVPN’s self-managed VPN network will make sure that happens. Not to mention it has a wider reach (550+ servers nodes in 141 countries) and allows more simultaneous device connections (five) than pretty much any other VPN out there.

proXPN VPN: Premium Lifetime Subscription: 89% discount at $39
($33.15 with VPN15 code)

Surf the web with ultimate peace of mind – both at home and on the road – over proXPN’s fully-encrypted, lightning-fast servers. Your lifetime premium subscription gets you unlimited bandwidth on their ultra-private global server network and complete online anonymity—it even unblocks geo-locked content so you can browse freely around the world. Plus, proXPN never logs your online movements, so no one can ever track you or steal vital personal data.

TurboFlix: 3-Yr Subscription: 80% discount at $34.99
($30.10 with VPN15 code)

There’s more to Netflix than meets the eye. In fact, they’re thousands of awesome movies and shows that you’ve yet to binge watch. TurboFlix fixes this. By breaking geographical barriers, TurboFlix grants access to thousands of new videos offered in other regions. Plus with added DNS and VPN technologies, it does double-duty by simultaneously masking your Internet activity from hackers. So what are you waiting for? Get TurboFlix, and take Netflix and chill to new heights.

Tiger VPN Lite: Lifetime Subscription: 96% discount at $29
($24.65 with VPN15 code)

The Internet can be a scary place, packed full of hackers, government spies, identity thieves, and other degenerates. TigerVPN protects you from cyber crimes, and guarantees that your Internet activity stays anonymous. How? Connect to TigerVPN Lite’s 15 servers worldwide to get fast, private access—free from location restrictions. Yes, that means you can have your Netflix and watch it too no matter what country you’re visiting.

Getflix: Lifetime Subscription: 88% discount at $39
($33.15 with VPN15 code)

Watching Netflix, Hulu or other streaming services can unfortunately be difficult while traveling outside the US. Rather than bypass these restrictions with the help of a complex and slow VPN, choose a faster and simpler solution with Getflix. Instead of rerouting all your Internet traffic through a different server, this handy service only routes the traffic needed so you can still enjoy top Internet speeds. Getflix unblocks more than 100 streaming channels around the world so you can watch movies, TV, sports, and more wherever life may take you.

Privatoria Personal VPN & Tor: 3-Yr Subscription: 48% discount at $39
($33.15 with VPN15 code)

Imagine a world where anonymous communication, anonymous surfing, and secure file transfers exist in one easy-to-use service. The team at Privatoria made this a reality, helping your data to stay safe and confidential while you browse the Internet. Privatoria doesn’t require an ounce of tech background to set up, and doesn’t keep any logs of your activity—it’s quite simply, the simplest way to stay secure online.

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