Avoiding blinding people at the movies with your Apple Watch

14 March 2016, 09:00

A recent visit to the movie house taught me how to be even more obnoxious with technology. I might’ve learned to keep my phone in my pocket when the picture’s showing but my Apple Watch kept notifying me of stuff, and when I raised my wrist I ended-up blinding myself and several people around me. Because I live in Britain folks tutted quietly and then we all had a nice cup of tea but I had to find a way to avoid this in future.

And the way to do so is… To switch to a wholly red-colored Watch face. Simple. The armed forces have known this for years. According to the Wikipedia article on Tactical Light, “red lights are best for preserving night vision due to their minimal impact on the rod cells in the eye.”

Just create a new Watch face especially for those movie house visits (force-press the screen, then scroll all the way to the right until the New button appears), then choose X-Large or Color faces and, when offered the chance to personalize, make them totally (or mostly) red.

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even easier – use ‘do not disturb’ function from the top of ‘glances’. it’s right there with airplane mode.

— Terry · Mar 14, 07:18 PM · #

Yeah, what about “not” getting notifications while watching a movie in a cinema?

— Shaoo · Mar 15, 03:08 AM · #