Automatically build web galleries

4 February 2013, 01:00

With iOS6 you can share images with the world using Photo Stream. But what if you’re old-school and simply want to put some pics you’ve taken on your boring old website? You know what I mean — a good, old fashioned image gallery!

OS X can create the HTML for you, meaning all you then have to do is upload it to your site and provide people with the address. This trick takes seconds and works with almost ANY digital camera, phone or Apple device.

Attach your device via a USB cable connection. Close iTunes if it starts, then open Image Capture. This is in the Applications list of Finder

Your device will be automatically sensed and you’ll see thumbnails of your photos. All you then have to do is select the ones you want for the gallery (hold down Command to select multiple images) and — alongside the Import To heading at the bottom of the window — select Build Web Page. Then click the Import button.

Seconds later a web page will open in the browser. The actual HTML and necessary image files will be located in your Pictures folder. All you need do is rename the image gallery folder to something unique and Web-friendly (i.e. “disneyland-oct-2012”), then upload it to your web space and provide people with the URL (i.e. something like index.html is automatically generated.

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