Fuss-free downloads from YouTube - Part II

3 November 2015, 05:00

A few days ago I discussed using the free, powerful and malware-free but sadly command-line-only app youtube-dl to grab videos from YouTube (or other video sites).

Well, forget about using the command-line because GUI app Video Hoarder will not only take care of downloading the video using youtube-dl – all you do is paste in the YouTube (or other video site) URL when prompted – but it’ll even ensure you’ve got the latest version of youtube-dl. It’s entirely automated.

Note that you’ll need to right-click the Video Hoarder app the first time you use it and select Open. After that you can just double-click to run it. Video Hoarder is an Automator action and, to cut a long story short, you can see it working by watching the cog icon that appears in your menu bar. When the cog stops spinning, you’ll know the app has finished downloading.

[With thanks to Apple expert Michael Page, who created this app!]

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