Apple Watch wallpapers

7 October 2015, 02:43

Watch 2.0 brought the ability to use your own photos as watch faces, but you can also download dedicated wallpaper images and use those instead.

Here’s a superb collection of images. Our favourite is the one below! If only Apple would replace Siri’s voice with that of KITT then, frankly, we’d be nostalgasming.

Here’s how to use the images as wallpaper:

  1. Using your iPhone, visit the wallpaper site and find an image you like. Then click the Download Now link beneath it. This will show the wallpaper on your iPhone screen.
  2. Tap and hold the wallpaper image, then tap Save Image.
  3. Wait a moment or two for syncing to happen, then access the Photos app on your phone. Find the new image, open it for viewing, then force tap and tap Create Watch Face.
  4. The previous step assumes you have the Photos app on your Watch set to show your camera roll. If it’s set to show only favourites then you’ll need to open the Photos app on your iPhone, select the wallpaper image, and click the heart icon to make it a favourite.

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