Apple's Mac line-up before Steve's return in 1996 – oh, boy

9 April 2016, 03:00

One of the key things Steve Jobs did when he returned to Apple in 1996 was to slash the company’s confusing product line. He created a matrix showing the various markets Apple wanted to be in, and aimed to fill each area with just one key product. He famously did just this to massive success, introducing the iMac, iBook, and so on.

To mark Apple’s 40th birthday blogger Riccardo Mori has compiled a list of Apple’s Mac offerings in 1996, before Jobs returned. It’s chaotic. And it’s just the Mac computing line. Apple was also selling printers, and digital cameras, and Newtons, and much more.

Be sure to read Riccardo’s observations too, which are full of insight.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing but, wow, it isn’t difficult to work out why Apple was troubled back then.

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