Apple's list of the little things in OS X El Capitan

1 October 2015, 01:19

As usual Apple’s put up a nice list of the little but useful changes to be found in the new release of OS X.

These little nuggets in particular seem interesting and I didn’t know of them before reading:


  • Strikethrough button: The format bar now includes a handy strikethrough button, perfect for editing an email you received.

  • Flights data detector: Force click a flight number to see a real-time update for the flight, including a map with the flight path and information about any delays.

  • Natural-language mail search: When you type phrases like “email with attachments” in the search field, Mail intelligently detects search keywords and delivers matches. You can also combine search attributes, such as “email from John sent yesterday with attachments.”


  • Station place cards: Place cards for public transportation stations show you available transit lines and schedules at those stations.

  • Detailed station maps: Transit view shows maps detailing the entrances, shops and restaurants in the station.


  • Improved album sorting: You can sort your albums — and the contents inside them — by date, title, and more.

  • Add and edit image locations: You can apply a location to a single image or to a selection of photos by opening the Info panel and choosing Add a Location.

  • Batch change information: You can now change several titles, descriptions, or keywords at once.


  • Snooze or complete from a notification: You can complete a reminder from the notification. If the item isn’t done yet, you can choose when to be reminded again.


  • Reader fonts and themes: You can now choose a font and a theme, including Sepia and Night Theme, when viewing articles in Reader.

  • Improved AutoFill: If AutoFill doesn’t automatically fill in your password on a log-in page, or doesn’t offer to generate a new password on a change password page, you can click the key button in the password field to tell Safari which password to fill in or whether to generate a new password.

  • Download options: Safari now gives you the option to specify where to download a file before you download it.

  • Hide frequently visited sites: You can now choose to see only your favorite sites and not your frequently visited sites in Favorites view.

Split full-screen view:

  • Overlay sidebar: It’s easy to access an app sidebar while in Split View. Place your cursor on the left edge of the app and the sidebar appears. When you are done, it slides away.

  • Swap sides: You can easily change an app’s position in Split View by clicking the toolbar and dragging the app to the desired side.

Other stuff:

  • Peer-to-peer migration: Migration Assistant now uses peer-to-peer Wi-Fi to speed up data transfer.

  • Rename from context menu: You can now rename a file from the context menu in the Finder.

  • Rotate annotations: Rotate annotations in Markup and Preview with a simple two-finger Multi-Touch gesture.

Know better?