Apple's deaf sales associates and how two customers had an amazing shopping experience

18 November 2015, 05:17

Canadian Redditor bb147 shares a wonderful story about being served by a deaf salesperson at an Apple Store when he went to buy an Apple Watch.

The salesperson uses a MacBook to communicate with customers. He types, and then the customer responds, like instant messaging in person. As bb147 points out it was like any other transaction with an Apple Store representative. In fact, it might even have been better:

During this process we had a conversation (via typing) like I would have with any employee, all with emojis and jokes. It was one of the most amazing and personable experiences I’ve had shopping in retail.

In the comments below the posting, Reddit user IMPRNTD adds his own story of being helped by a deaf Apple Store staff member:

The sales associate was deaf, and although he was ‘disabled’ he really enabled a next level customer experience. Better than any regular sales associate.

The conversations took place on a MacBook where we took turns typing. Aside from that, it was pure silence where expressions played a large role. Sharing these expressions really made the experience feel so much more personal along with the silence. As dumb as it sounds it felt poetic. I left the store feeling really good about myself, the associate, and Apple as a company.

From a business view, consumers are using an Apple product (MacBook) to communicate. This shows versatility of the product and had me indirectly testing the product even though I am inquiring about something else.

I care passionately about disability equality and rights, as I hope we all do, so these are just wonderful stories. It sounds like Apple’s doing it right in an area it invests time and effort.

If nothing else these stories are certainly a tonic after the shameful barring of black students from an Apple Store in Australia, which prompted Apple CEO Tim Cook to email all employees reminding them of Apple’s openness and inclusiveness.

[Image by itux, CC BY-ND]

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