Apple fixes Ethernet-killing invisible update

28 February 2016, 01:15

Apple has released a fresh update for OS X that fixes the Ethernet-killing update that it released late on Friday. If your Mac is online via Wi-Fi, the NEW update will be applied in the background, which is to say there will be no user notification.

To find out if the update has been applied you can try using the Ethernet port again, of course, although you might try rebooting first. You might also look for Incompatible Kernel Extension Configuration Data 3.28.2 (not 3.28.1, which is the dodgy update!) in the list of recent updates that appears if you click Apple menu > About this Mac, then the System Report button, before selecting the Software > Installations heading in the window that appears. Click the Install Date heading to sort by installation date, and look at the most recent entries.

If the update hasn’t yet been applied then you can force an update by opening a Terminal window (it’s in the Utilities folder of the Applications list) and pasting in the following:

sudo softwareupdate --background

You’ll need to type your login password when prompted. The update scan might take a minute or two to complete, and you should click File > Refresh Information in the System Information window to see if it’s been applied.

If the Mac in question is unable to get online (perhaps it lacks a Wi-Fi connection, for example), you can use another computer to download the update manually from here, then transfer it to a USB stick and then install it on the affected Mac.

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