Adding lost drives to Finder

19 January 2013, 02:00

The other day I accidentally dragged the icon for my USB memory stick from under the DEVICES heading within Finder. I must have been holding down Command too because the drive icon promptly disappeared in a puff of smoke. I had deleted it. It’s OK, I thought. I’ll just unplug it and then reinsert it. I did so, but it didn’t reappear.

Finder now assumed that I didn’t want to see mentioned ever again the USB memory stick. Brilliant. I had no way of ejecting it short of starting-up Disk Utility (in the Utilities folder within Applications).

The solution was to insert the stick, open Finder, hit Shift+Command+G, and in the dialog box that appears type /Volumes. Here you’ll see any all storage devices attached to your computer. You can right-click them to eject them, but to return a missing entry to beneath the DEVICES heading of Finder, just click and drag it there.

Disagree? Tell me why...

It’s worth adding that Disk Utility (in the Utilities folder of the Applications list) can also unmount and remount removable storage. Sometimes this can fix the issue of drives that are attached but don’t know up.

Keir Thomas · Feb 1, 01:23 AM · #