Add your team's logo as a Watch complication

8 March 2016, 06:46

Taking a look at the featured image above should be enough for you to know what this tutorial is all about – although you don’t have to put the Manchester United logo on your Watch!

There are a few limitations with this trick. The logo only appears in monochrome, for example, rather than full color. It’s also pretty difficult to see even on the 42mm Watch face.

Worst of all, and to be blunt, the steps you need to go through are a little bit complicated. However, once you get the hang of it you’ll be able to add a new team logo in seconds.

  1. Install WatchBeauty on your phone. This is the app that’ll do the hard work for us, and it costs $0.99 (£0.79).
  2. Go to Google Images. Type the name of your team in the search field and add the words transparent PNG afterwards. For example, in my test I searched for Manchester United transparent PNG.
  3. A number of images will probably show-up but you’re looking for one with a transparent background. This is indicated by a grey and white checkerboard pattern behind the logo when you click on the image to view it. If the background of the logo is white, or any other color, then you can’t use it.
  4. When you find an image, drag it to the desktop to download it, or right-click it and select Save Image.
  5. Rename the image as ImageFile.png. Ensure you type that correctly, including the capital letters at the start of Image and File, and that the file extension is lower-case (i.e. .png and not .PNG)!
  6. Attach your iPhone to your computer via its USB cable, then open iTunes. Select the phone in the list of devices at the top left, then opt to Sync, as you would usually, using the button at the bottom right.
  7. Once syncing has finished, ensure the phone is still selected in the list of devices in iTunes, then select the Apps heading beneath the Settings heading at the top left.
  8. Scroll all the way down until you see the File Sharing heading, and the list of Apps beneath this. Select WatchBeauty, which will be near the bottom of the listing, so you might need to scroll some more.
  9. Drag the logo file that you renamed image.png onto the right of the iTunes window, into the large area headed WatchBeauty Documents.
  10. Click either the Sync, or Apply button at the bottom right (depending on which you see).
  11. Wake the phone and open the WatchBeauty app. Tap Load Image Mode1. Your team logo should appear at the right. It will look bit washed out and with not entirely correct colours, but this is OK. If it looks just too odd, tap Load Image Mode2. Choose the best of the two loading methods.
  12. Ensure the Watch is awake and the WatchBeauty app is open on it, as well as the phone. Then on the phone tap Update to Watch. The logo should now appear in the WatchBeauty app on the Watch.
  13. In the WatchBeauty app on the phone, ensure the Color field reads White, and that the ModularSmall, UtiSmall and CirSmall fields read Image, RingImage and SimpleImage respectively.
  14. Press the crown to return to the Watch face, and force touch to select a new face. Select the Modular face, then tap the Customize button beneath.
  15. Swipe left to enter full customization mode, then tap one of the top left, or bottom left/right customisation areas. Use the crown to scroll through the list and select the WatchBeauty customisation. This will be shown as a square, but don’t worry. Opt to apply and use your customized watch face in the usual way.
  16. Return to the WatchBeauty app on the Watch and force-press the watch face, then select Update. When you switch back to the watch face your team’s logo should now show.

To add a different logo in future, repeat the steps above to open the iTunes file sharing area for WatchBeauty, but select the existing file that’s there and hit the Backspace/Delete key on the keyboard. This will delete it from iTunes (although not from your hard disk). Then upload a new image following the rest of the steps above.

Oh, and if you have an Apple Watch then you NEED this.

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