Add separators to Safari's bookmarks bar

15 February 2013, 01:00

Here’s a nice trick to improve the appearance of Safari’s bookmarks toolbar by adding vertical separators between each bookmark.

The bookmarks toolbar appears beneath the URL/search field. If you don’t see it, click View -> Show Bookmarks Bar.

1. Start by bookmarking anything — this page, for example. Select to add it to the bookmarks bar.

2. Press and hold the new bookmark until it’s highlighted, then overtype it with the pipe symbol: |. You get this by holding Shift and hitting the key above Return, or the key to the left of it, depending on what keyboard you have.

3. Click Bookmarks -> Show All Bookmarks and then select the bookmarks bar under the Collections heading at the top left.

4. Click the address of the new separator bookmark and don’t move the mouse for a second. This will highlight the bookmark URL text for overwriting. Type the following:


This simply means that nothing will happen if you accidentally click the separator.

5. Hold down Option (Alt), then click and drag the bookmark. This will create a copy you can place between two other bookmarks. Repeat this until all the bookmarks have the separator between them. The changes will be reflected live on the Safari bookmarks bar.

That’s all that’s required. To remove the separator bookmarks in future, just click and drag them one by one away from the toolbar, and they’ll vanish in a puff of smoke.

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