Add a calculator to your wrist with CalculateRetro (temporarily free)

14 April 2016, 06:41

I’ve no idea why Apple didn’t introduce a calculator glance on the Apple Watch, because calculator watches are an established and well-selling product category. Lots of my friends have them.

However, if you want to be able to do math on your wrist without scribbling on it with a pen then CalculateRetro is for you. It’s free right now, and usually costs $0.99. Grab it while you can.

The app is actually an iPhone calculator with a Watch app version.

Here are some of its features:

  • Calculate quickly in Today View with an Extension and copy the result to your App.
  • Print out the calculation history or send by PDF.
  • Correct with a backspace key if you enter a wrong digit without having to redo all.
  • Email, PDF or Print the calculation history.
  • PDF the Tape and access previous in the Documents Folder.
  • Exchange Documents in iTunes or open in iBooks, Email, etc.
  • Rename and share PDF documents.
  • Copy and Paste numbers to other Apps, by tapping on the display.
  • Change number display to Fixed, Scientific, etc., by tapping on the display.
  • Customize the background, fixed digits, fonts, colors and sizes.
  • Customize the Tape font, size and color.
  • An audible sound confirms if you have pressed a button, which can be easily disabled by touching the speaker.
  • Show calculations on an Apple TV or an external monitor with a cable.
  • Previous calculation is repeated when the equal sign is pressed.
  • Grand Total calculated.
  • Numbers in Memory may be logged to the Tape.
  • A visible and audible error when trying to divide by zero or take the square root of a negative number.
  • Numbers are shown in local format, depending on your Region Formats, i.e. comma used in Europe.

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