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Tricks, hacks, fixes, news and rumours for and about Apple Macs, iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and the Apple TV. Mac Kung Fu was created in early 2013 and has grown since then to become a daily destination for Apple lovers and one of the top Apple tips sites, serving thousands of unique visitors each day.

Our promise

We make this promise to our readers: to get onto this site things written about here have to:

  1. Be non-obvious, perhaps making use of features that are hidden, obfuscated, secret, experimental, or simply not very well known;
  2. 2. Make the most of OS X's built-in tools although recommendations of apps are made to fill a deficiency in the OS X or iOS feature set.

Unlike other Apple blogs we also promise not to repeat stuff you've already read elsewhere.

We also promise to provide a [Via] or hat tip [H/T] link to fellow bloggers or news services if we learned about a story or tip from them. We consider this fundamental to a fair and reasonable system of blogging and journalism.

About the author and editor

This blog is by researched, written and edited by Keir Thomas, an award-winning Macworld author who has, over a 20 year career:

His Apple hardware setup: <boastmode>MacBook Pro 15in (2015; i7 2.8GHz, 16GB RAM, 512GB storage) – to serve as an everyday machine until the end of time, or thereabouts; iPad Air 2 64GB; iPhone 6 Plus 64GB; Apple Watch Sport (orange strap, because he likes orange); very old first-gen Time Capsule that he got off eBay and repaired/expanded; Apple Magic Mouse and Keyboard.</boastmode> Macs he's owned but no longer does: MacBook Pro 13in (2009), white MacBook (containing the first Intel processor after the switch), white iMac (2007), iBook G4.

"Interesting" things about Keir: He loves cats, is a vegan, likes coffee, and is a compulsive fan of Bargain Hunt.

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