A Better Finder Rename – free!

12 November 2015, 12:05

If you’re prepared to jump through the social networking hoops (liking and sharing), then Macheist will give you free of charge A Better Finder Rename. Normally it retails at $20. As its name suggests A Better Finder Rename is a power-user tool for renaming files – ideal for digital camera enthusiasts, amongst others.

  • Includes over a dozen powerful renaming options to make easy work of even the most complicated renaming task
  • Use the tags in your music files to automatically rename them exactly the way you want and keep your music collection consistent
  • You can even base your renaming on all kinds of other tags embedded in your files… like EXIF tags in your photos, for instance
  • Preview exactly how your files will be renamed before you pull the trigger, so there’s no guesswork and you avoid painful mistakes
  • Easily create handy droplets that enable you to drag & drop files onto them for your frequently recurring renaming tasks

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