Why not WEAR your Lightning charger cable?

25 April 2016, 08:00

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Ever spent time searching for a Lightning cable to charge your phone, or extract data? What a drag! There’s a simple solution – WEAR your Lightning cable. Then it’s always with you. The BOLT bracelet by Charles Darius lets you do just that… If you’re into kind of tacky-looking jewelry.

The strap/cable is made from dead cow and the metalwork for the clasp/Lightning connector is plated with 18K gold, black rhodium or silver. In other words, this is luxury, people. And although it looks good (if you’re the kind of person who believes Jackie Collins dressed well), it’s also good for charging your iPhone when you run out of juice on a plane – although don’t blame us if you get stopped by the TSA, who demand to know why you appear to be hiding the fact you’re wearing electrical wiring.

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Main feature illustration

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