What body parts work with TouchID? (Prob NSFW)

22 July 2016, 06:25

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You have to love Reddit, which is simultaneously one of the most wonderful things online, and one of the worst.

And special thanks go to Redditor A_Gigantic_Potato who’s undertaken painstaking research to find which body parts actually work with an iPhone/iPad’s TouchID sensor.

From looking at the list it’s clear Mr Potato is clearly male. Any curious people with female-specific body parts will have to conduct their own experiments. Do let us know. No, on the other hand, don’t.

Long-time Mac Kung Fu readers will remember our piece about setting up TouchID using the body extremity that most males have but A_Gigantic_Potato goes way beyond this.

According to Mr Potato, the parts that work are:

  • Fingers

  • Palm of hand

  • Big toe

  • Index(?) toe

  • Pinky toe

  • “Palm” of foot

  • Nose (very difficult)

  • Back of index finger (very difficult)

  • Heel of foot (works better than thumb imo)

  • Left nipple (right refuses to cooperate)

And the body parts that don’t work are:

  • Forearm

  • Knee

  • That round bit of your ankle

  • Belly

  • Earlobes

  • Eyelid

  • Thigh

  • Right Testicle

  • Tip of Penis (underside)

  • Tip of Penis (top side, although it’s interesting to note that this generated the best results although the results seemed to deteriorate and got more errors as it got flaccid)

So, there you go. A nation is educated, and we suggest A_Gigantic_Potato maybe go and have a lie down.

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