Waiting for Super Mario Run? Try this trick to refresh the App Store

15 December 2016, 08:56

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EDIT: Hammering the Notify button in the App Store repeatedly got it to download on my iPhone just now! I’ve no idea why but it’s now downloaded and installed! Original article below.


It’s Super Mario Run release day today, although nobody knows what time it’ll be released into our grubby little hands. If you’re anxiously opening and closing the App Store waiting for it to appear, you can try this old trick to clear and then reload its cache – thereby providing the very latest updates.

Just tap one of the icons at the bottom of the screen 15 times in quick succession. The screen will blank and then renew while it reloads. (Note that technically you need only tap 10 times, but tapping 15 times ensures this trick works in case you mis-tap.) If Super Mario Run has become available, you should see the animated banner and tapping it will take you to the download and install screen as usual.

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Thank you! I had requested to be notified when available and mine I couldn’t download because the “get” button still showed “notify” this resolved my issue thank you!

— Brandon · Dec 15, 11:28 AM · #