Show invisible files in Finder via a built-in keyboard shortcut

8 December 2016, 09:30

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If you develop apps on your Mac, or work on websites, then being able to view “invisible” files is useful – although viewing them all the time can clutter-up Finder and make it hard to find what you’re looking for. Therefore, being able to switch on and off viewing them is a God-send.

It seems that macOS Sierra brings a keyboard shortcut to Finder (and file open/save dialog boxes) that lets you switch on and off viewing hidden files instantly, with no prior setup required. It’s this:


If you live outside the US, you might describe the shortcut as Shift+Cmd+full stop. This keyboard shortcut has always worked in file open/save dialog boxes to show invisible files, but the fact it works within Finder windows is entirely new to macOS Sierra.

Thanks to Quinn Taylor for discovering this, and further thanks to MJ Tsai’s blog for bring it to the world’s attention.

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Thanks for this, very useful!!

— Mike · Dec 8, 12:59 PM · #

Thank you very much for let’s know it!

— LoyalFollower · Dec 8, 09:51 PM · #