How to share a Wallet pass or card

25 April 2016, 10:00

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Here’s a tip that falls into the category of, “I never knew that!” Did you know that you can share some cards/passes within the Wallet app? For example, you could share a payment card and/or loyalty scheme card with your partner.

Sharing a card is easy. Just open the Wallet app, tap the card in question, and then tap the (i) icon. The card will flip over and you can then tap the Share Pass option. If the person you want to share it with is nearby you can use AirDrop, or just send it via as an email or iMessage link.

Once shared with another person, the card simply becomes one more entry within their Wallet that they can select when making a transaction, or when required.

By their nature not all cards or passes in Wallet are sharable. If not, the option simply won’t appear.

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