How to get a black (transparent) dock for your jet/matte black iPhone 7

22 September 2016, 05:09

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Want to go completely black on the home screen of your new jet black or matte black iPhone 7? Here’s how.

  1. Visit this link in Safari on your iPhone (other browsers won’t work!), which will show a single black pixel. It’ll be too small to see, but don’t worry about that. Just click the Share button at the bottom, and then the Save Image option.
  2. Open Photos on your iPhone and then select to view the image, which will appear as a large black square.
  3. Tap the Share button and select to Use As Wallpaper. Select the Still option, and then tap the Set button. Select to use it for your Home screen only.
  4. The above steps might be all you need but if the Dock still appears as a gray bar, open the Settings app, and then tap General > Accessibility > Increase Contrast. Tap the Reduce Transparency switch so that it’s turned off.

Incidentally, DO NOT try this on a Mac! Within OS X El Capitan there was a nasty bug whereby a 1×1 pixel wallpaper such as this will cause the Dock to entirely disappear – as in quit, and not start-up again. I’ve no idea if this has been fixed yet – I filed a bug report with Apple (#26032473) – but I don’t want to try it again on macOS Sierra to see what happens because it’s a PITA to fix!

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Hi. This looks brilliant on my iPhone – the only problem is that it causes some text in the widgets to darken (for eg News). Is there a way to fix this?

— Kayus Wadia · Oct 19, 06:58 AM · #

I loved this, any chance to get it to work on 10.2?

Joe · Dec 15, 04:12 PM · #