How do I uninstall on my Mac?

11 May 2020, 10:48

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Uninstalling apps on a Mac is simultaneously very easy, while also being stupidly complicated.

How to uninstall apps on a Mac
The standard way to uninstall an app on your Mac is to find it in the Applications list within Finder, and then simply drag it to the Trash in the Dock.

That’s right. It’s as simple as that. You don’t need to do anything else. This usually removes the app itself, plus any hidden bits and pieces, such as system files and drivers. In other words, the app includes a special routine that you trigger by dragging it to the Trash. (Although your personal configuration data usually stays where it is – meaning you might be able to reinstall the app later, and pick-up where you left off with the same settings!)

How to uninstall apps from the Mac App Store
Sometimes you might need to enter your password to remove the app. This happens with apps you’ve installed using the Mac App Store, for example. If the password isn’t available for whatever reason, you will probably be able to get around this by opening Launchpad, clicking and holding the app’s icon until it starts to jiggle, and then clicking the X to the left of it.

And some apps might need you to use a special uninstaller to entirely remove the app, or select an uninstall option on the File or Help menu within the app itself. This tends to be the case with large and complicated apps like Adobe Creative Cloud, for example.

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