How do I split screen on a Mac?

11 May 2020, 10:57

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Microsoft Windows 10 users might miss the window snapping (Snap Assist) feature if they use a Mac.

But Macs have their own version. And it’s just as easy to use.

How to split screen on a Mac
To split a Mac desktop into two halves, with an application in each, simply click and hold the green “traffic light” button at the top left of the window. You’ll see a menu pop-out. Just select which side of the window you want.

Depending on the application, one of two things might happen. If the app is compatible with full screen mode, then the app will occupy one half the screen in full screen mode (if you get confused by this, just hit the Esc key to return back to normal). If the app isn’t compatible with full-screen mode then it will simply maximize to the half of the screen you selected as if you’d dragged it over there and resized it manually.

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