How can I view the wifi password on my iPhone?

20 May 2020, 05:41

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Sometimes you might be on a wifi network, and want to tell a friend or family member the password. But you can’t remember what it is. So, is there any way you can view a wifi password on your iPhone?

No. Sorry! But there are other things you can do that provide a solution to this problem.

How to share a wifi password on the iPhone
If you want to share the wifi password with another person with an iPhone, and they’re nearby (that is, in the same room, for example), then you can do so easily.

  1. Ask them to attempt to join the wifi network as usual – by opening the Settings app, tapping the Wi-Fi heading, and then selecting the wifi network in question.
  2. Your phone will then pop-up a dialog box asking if you want to share the password with them. You still won’t get to see the password. But if you tap the Share Password button, it will be transferred automagically through the air to the other iPhone.
  3. Your friend or family member’s iPhone will show the wifi password being autofilled (although still obscured by blobs), then they will join the wifi network with nothing more needing to be done.

But for this to work a few things need to be in place, and you might not necessarily be able to transmit the password to any random stranger’s iPhone.

  • Both wifi AND Bluetooth need to be turned on, on both phones. You can do this by opening Control Center and checking both options are activated.
  • Your Apple ID will need to be a contact in the other person’s Contacts list. You can ensure this is the case before trying the steps above by opening the Contacts app, tapping your own name at the top, scrolling to the bottom, and tapping Share Contact. Then choose to iMessage or AirDrop to the other person.

If you find this trick still doesn’t work despite this, try restarting both devices – power then off as usual, wait five seconds, and then power them back on again. Then repeat the steps as described above.

How to view a wifi password on a Mac
If you’re also a Mac user, then you can easily view any wifi password on a Mac using the Keychain Access app. (Obviously, this will have to be a wifi network that the Mac has already joined.)

  1. Open the Keychain Access app, which you’ll find in the Utilities folder of the Applications list in Finder.
  2. Click in the Search field at the top right, and type the name of the wifi network.
  3. There might be more than one result, so look to the right in the Kind column within the listing. Look for an entry that reads AirPort Network Password.
  4. Double-click the entry in the list that looks like the correct one.
  5. In the dialog box that appears, click the Show Password checkbox. You’ll be prompted to enter your login password, so do so. You will then see the password shown in the dialog box.

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