Hidden macOS Sierra feature: Move menu icons

10 September 2016, 04:52

Feature head image

A few years ago within OS X you could rearrange any icons on the menu bar at the top right of the desktop by clicking and dragging them while holding down the Cmd key (if I recall correctly – it might’ve been Option/Alt).

In macOS Sierra this feature is back. Hold down Cmd, then drag any menu bar icon to reposition it. This even works with the clock. The only icon that can’t be moved is the notification toggle at the very far right of the menu bar. You can also remove system menu bar icons this way by just holding down Cmd and dragging them off the menu bar.

Third-party menu bar icons can be moved in this way, but can’t be removed by dragging them off. Instead, you have to go into the app itself and opt to manually remove the icon, usually via an option within the app’s preferences dialog box.

Main feature illustration

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